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Athena getting ready to write


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Descriptive sheet (TESTING version!)
established according to ideas presented by
Arlette Attali, Ch. Bernet, Bernard Cerquiglini, Gisèle Kahn, Arnaud Pelfrène, Richard Walter
at the conference organized by INaLF at E.N.S., October 9, 1999
to present the Catalogue critique des ressources textuelles sur l'Internet
(the critical Catalogue of the textual resources on the Internet).

[General information] [Textual resources] [Edition processing of the texts] [Digital processing of the resources]

General information

Name of the site: ATHENA

   Sciences. Databases of mineralogy.
   Literature. Traditional literary text editing of French-language texts.
   Arts. Various documents.
   See Home page.

Name of the site designer: Pierre Perroud.

Internet addresses: databases of mineralogy; literature.

Institutions and lodging: University of Geneva

Geographical place of the server: Geneva, Switzerland.

Interface languages of the site: mainly English and French.

Person in charge of the site: Pierre Perroud.

E-mail: mail pp

Update of the site: permanent.

   Complex system of rights, variable according to the document: authors' rights (databases, texts of contemporary authors, design of the site, research programs); editing rights; rights of the collaborators (establishment of the text, etc.); rights attached to the images (photographs, graphics, etc.); contracts of restricted use (certain texts, images, even words).
   The visitor is entirely responsible for his use of the documents displayed at ATHENA.
   See also Caveat!

   Aside from the contents of the texts of the classic authors (Rabelais, Voltaire, Zola, etc.), there is neither violence, nor obscenity, nor propaganda, nor advertising on this site. Fonts, pages dimensions, etc. don't disturb the preferences of the browser's user.
   Changes of URL: very rare
   No texts surreptitiously taken from other servers. All documents entirely created here!

Textual resources suggested at ATHENA

Kind of the texts proposed:
   Novel, poetry, theatre, essays, philosophy, history, correspondence, etc.

   The site presents its own electronic versions of the texts.
   See: Published texts at ATHENA

Entirety of the texts:
   Texts edited at ATHENA are integral.

Translations in foreign languages:
   The site presents also translations of texts in foreign languages.

French translations of foreign texts:
   The site presents also French translations of foreign texts.

Sets of themes pages:
   There are pages devoted to an author (example: Rousseau).

Edition processing of the texts

Reference to the printed edition digitized:
   There are, roughly speaking, three types of texts:
   - those which were digitized (scanned or typed) starting from old editions and which were corrected and arranged to form an original electronic publishing;
   - those which reproduce exactly (sometimes modernized spelling) a printed edition (of which the reference is indicated), including the notes and the comments, and without complementation of the gaps;
   - those which come from a text already digitized by an author or an editor and which are reproduced just as they are, with the indications required by the rights'holders.
   The respect of the author has priority. To take advantage of the comfort of reading, of new editing techniques, of the richness of the critical apparatus, the current printed editions remain essential.

Presence of an index of the consultable texts:
   See: Authors' list
   See also (javascript): Foldertree (under construction)

Indication of the biographical dates of the author:
   The dates are indicated (except those of the contemporary authors who sent texts to ATHENA).

Indication of the date of publication of the texts:
   The date is indicated.

Indication of the date of the revision ATHENA's texts:
  At the bottom of the text.

Presence of a bibliographic record:

Digital processing of the resources

HTML navigation:
   The texts are consultable on one or more pages HTML, according to editions.

Indication of the pagination of the source edition:
   The pagination of the digitized edition is not indicated.

Hypertext notes:
   Presence of hypertext links inside the text (notes, references, etc.)

Presence of tools accompanying the texts:
   Tools are proposed on the site or in hyperlinks; there are various search engines, for example:
   - General Search (removed)
   - Search on theme, language, author, title (removed)
   - Search on keywords (removed)
   - Translator: link towards Babelfish (removed)

Input of the text:
   Text mode - the texts were keyed in text format (HTML, rtf).

Multi-media environment:
   Some texts have a multi-media environment (illustrations, voice, photographs, music).

Indication of the name of the copyist:
   The names of the collaborators are always indicated.
   See also: Contributors and Acknowledgements.

Second reading of the texts:
   The second reading of the texts was carried out. Send comments and corrections to: mail pp

   The site proposes modes of downloading:
   - HTML
   - RTF (preserves the format; can be recovered on various machines);    

   These indications are based on our good faith; thank you in advance for informing us of any items inadvertenly forgotten.

Many thanks to Lilliam HURST who corrected mistranslations in my English text!