Athena s'apprêtant à écrire
Athena getting ready to write








CAVEAT ! (1995)

    The content of this Website is our main concern. We endeavour to provide the Internet users with good educational texts, useful databases, accurate information and some valuable links. Thus there are tens of megabytes of files - created here - ceaselessly expanding, corrected and updated. We hope you find them clean. Meanwhile, if you find errors in our documents or changes in links, please inform us: it is useful for all ATHENA's users.

    We are aware of our visitors'profile and demands. There is no advertisement, no immorality, no foreign server imprisoned in frames. There is no applet, no sound, no animation, no popup window unless you decide to open it following preliminary information.

    ATHENA is a personal piece of work. See also the University pages for Mineralogy at the Faculty of Science.


    The location of your computer and what you do on our server is written in the log files - as they do on all other servers.

Property and Copyright

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    Several pictures were taken in poor conditions: with insufficient light or without tripod.  For these reasons, pictures displayed on this Website must not be considered and copied as reference documents. They must be considered as an incentive to establish links between fields of knowledge.


    We don't take any responsibility concerning the items you find at ATHENA. If you use any of them, it is entirely at your own risk.